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 how to use coupons

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PostSubject: how to use coupons   Sat Jun 26, 2010 1:30 pm

Do you have crossfire coupons and dont know what to use them on or dont know what they can be used on?

Crossfire is an on-line FPS which hosts many maps and different modes and weapons

Crossfire has a black market which lets you buy crates that give you a chance to win some cool weapons only obtainable from the black market.

Now if you have opened crates you may find you have acquired some “crossfire coupons”.

Don’t know what to use them on or don’t know what they’re used for?

Here’s a list of what can be exchanged from coupons.

To exchange just go to the black market and click exchange in the bottom right corner.

Some items are permanent and others have a certain amount of days before expiring. I’ve only provided some images of the items you can win within each coupon category.

10 Coupons

- MP5-Advance [B] 90 days

15 Coupons

- Combat Axe[B] 90 days

- Field Shovel[B] 90 days

25 Coupons

- M4A1-Advance[B] 90 days

- AWM-Camouflage[B] 90 days

- SG552-Camouflage[B] 90 days

50 Coupons

- AK-47-Camouflage [B] Permanent!!

- Combat Axe [B] Permanent!!

60 Coupons

- M4A1-Custom [B] Permanent!!

- Aug A1-Camouflage [B] Permanent!!

- Desert Eagle- Camouflage [B] Permanent!!

70 Coupons

- PSG-1 red Dragon [B] Permanent!!

- AWM-Camouflage [B] Permanent!!

80 Coupons

- Golden Desert Eagle [B] Permanent!!

- Kriss Super V [B] Permanent!!

- AK-47-Knife [B] Permanent!!

100 Coupons

- Golden AK-47 [B] Permanent!!

- Golden M4A1 [B] Permanent!!

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how to use coupons
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