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 how to get gp and zp

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PostSubject: how to get gp and zp   Sat Jun 26, 2010 1:25 pm

Table of Contents:

1. ZP in Cross Fire

2. How to use your ZP

3. GP in crossfire and use it.

4. How to be pro and best weapons in game – Adding in the Future


1. ZP in Cross Fire:

Right now the fastest way to make money in Crossfire is buy buying ZP (Z8 points) which cost real money. ZP can be very expensive and annoying to get, but it is still very effective when wanting new weapons and GP. Also, you can buy armour with it and badges. If you don’t want to buy ZP because, either you don’t have the money or just don’t want to waste money on games; there is still an easy and FREE way to gain ZP. If you want ZP just go to the Cross Fire website (AKA and log into your account. Click on the link next to the log out button which says DEPOSITE and then go to EARN FREE ZP. You will see that there are many links to some surveys in the web. Just click on one, complete it and you will earn free ZP. If you complete it with valid information you can receive up to 4000 ZP per survey! This is a very effective way to earn ZP, but it will get you a lot of spam to your e-mail so I recommend you make another email for SURVEYS ONLY. You can only complete each survey ONCE and it will take up to 5 minutes to get your point. If you don’t get any point just click on ”MY REWARDS” button and appeal so you get your points. Many times you won’t get it because sometime you used false information or the website just didn’t give it to you.

2. How to use your ZP:

In order to get good weapons and LOTS of GP when using your ZP you must use it properly. The best two ways of doing this is using Black Market crates or buying GP. Even though many people think it’s a good idea to buy guns with ZP, you MUST NEVER buy them. This is because they last only up to 7 days and after that you just lost you ZP, when if you get GP you can buy permanent weapons or get permanent weapons from Black market.

A. For the people who wonder what is black market, it is where you buy a crate in crossfire and you get random stuff from it. You can get up to the best weapons in game from ZP black market such as M4A1 Silenced with Scope, AK47 Scope and Kriss Super V. Also, if you are unlucky with this you can STILL get temporary weapons from it, coupons AND GP. Even thought you will not always get weapons or coupons, you will ALWAYS get GP. You can get from 1k GP up to 1 million GP! This is enough to buy all weapons in Cross Fire! But I tell you, you must be extremely lucky to get it!

Note: Coupons are just an item which you can get though black market. When you get enough coupons you can use them to buy temporary and permanent weapons. Some of the best weapons in game are bought with coupons such as AK-knife, ALL the camo weapons and GOLD weapons.

B. The second way to use your ZP is to buy GP on the Cross Fire website. Even though you wont get that much (AKA 2600zp for 20k GP) it is still very effective and a safe way to get it. Even though you can get up to 100x more money + weapons + coupons with it, if you just don’t like to take chances this would be the best way to get GP.

Note: I don’t really buy GP as I have gotten Kriss Super V from crates up to 50k GP.

3. How to get GP and use it

As mentioned before, the best way to get GP is from ZP. If you can’t get ZP then there are 6 ways of getting it and using it properly.

Way 1: When reaching rank sergeant in the game, you can buy GP crates on black market. This will give a LOT less GP then ZP crates but you can gain temporary weapons. Just use them but DON’T repair them. By not repairing you will get about 400gp per round, but sadly these guns only give 2500-10000 GP and it takes time to use them completely. Also, GP crates can give permanent weapons as well!

Way 2: Keep levelling up and you will gain GP as you do. This only works until 2 ranks more then sergeant. So use your GP wisely!

Way 3: Play Mutation Mode. One game of MM will gain up to 400 gp if you play it fully and it will not use your gun.

Way 4: Make different account for each weapon. For each account get a different weapon so you can use them all. Even though this is extremely annoying you at least get to use the weapon you want, as you will get GP for every account.

Way 5: Buy a permanent weapon and use it until you have wasted it completely. This will give you enough to buy other weapon by the time.

Way 6: FARM. Even though farming is NOT LEGIT, it will gain you so much XP and GP that its just stupid to not mention it.

How Farm works: You hve AT LEAST two computers in which to play crossfire. Get any gun and kill the account many times without him killing you. With more computers you can do from double kills to 10- kill streaks. Its effective and fast. Also helps KDR. (kill death rate)

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how to get gp and zp
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